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1. Short History

Word or photography term come from Greek of word phos, photos meaning the light or ray, and word graphos meaning the paint or incise. Become understanding of photography is paint with light.

Principle early photography have been recognized by since century to 5 Before Mashie by so called Chinese man of science Mo Ti mentioning if/when a fold the light shine from an object got away passing a small hole into a dark room, hence the object shadow will be projected as according to inversed him genuine form.

At the next centuries in west Aristoles explain the above theory with shadow example of thousands of the crescent appearing on surface of land/ground at the time of the happening of sun eclipse. Then a scientist called Arab Al-Haitham explain concerning the theory express that light projection will be more sharply if passed by hole of it smaller, conversely if/when his hole is enlarged by hence his projection will progressively turn tail.

Growth of photography based of pursuant to at two invention that is at invention in natural philosophy area, and invention in chemistry area. Invention in natural philosophy area yield the lens and chemistry yield the science chemical photo drug.

Invention of lens made the people project image into dark area. Ability of this lens projection initially only followed with pencil incision in form of sketch. But then have found of photosensitive chemicals, hence image projected the enabled to be defended, conserved, and printed at paper sheet to form the photo this time.

2. Introducing Camera and Digital Camera

Camera any which used to make a picture, analogous camera good, digital camera, and camera HP, in principle is same. All cameras record the image which yielded passing the lens. At analogous camera, image kept or accommodated passing to use negative or slid, whereas a digital camera of image accommodated use the memory card. Camera only limited to appliance, the photographer that determining object any kind of do the wishing to record. Difference photographer which is one and its other lay in ability and his creativity in managing the photograph angle/corner and composition. On the score of that, before do the photograph, a photographer has to recognize beforehand various the camera instrument and component use it. Given the camera anatomy and way work various his component is hoped photographer get the whip hand of the camera after her fancy. Some common components which owned by a camera for example is: Camera body, lens, regulator of focus, regulator of speed, regulator of diaphragm, flash lamp, self timer, and some different other facilities.

First camera of era formerly (pinhole camera) only owning the camera body of place of putting down the film or paper photographed and functioning puncture as lens. Arrangement hereinafter must be done manually. At era is formerly intake of intake a photo could take place during 8 hour. Photography world is then become progressively expand after celluloid film technology found so that enable the film made in the form of roll and camera form become smaller progressively. Camera form becomes progressively simple, easy and practical to take. This matter enables the journalistic photography world become very.

Growth of photography become mad progressively with found and launch of digital camera at this 10 the last year. Works make a picture to become progressively easy to and can be done by each and everyone; good use the phone cell camera, camera pocket, and camera SLR digital. Images the wrongness or unwelcome, can is soon vanished without charged an expense.

Various amenity owned by this digital camera, since the is photograph of him result can direct preview, shall to record-keeping of number frame, date of, month, year, and also photograph time take place. Coalescence of this photograph data very facilitate for someone to look for his file in computer the time very shortens. Photo file can be protected by making the copy or his duplicate with the quality and result is equal to him genuine. Other excellence which very amaze is digital result of photo can is soon sent passing email/internet after photograph done, so that in is same photo minute calculation has circulated in various country in world. Conceive the difference with old world technology when photography still use the film negativity to be cleaned and printed beforehand and is then sent passing the courier service manually.

3. Photography Basic

Light Effects

Photography is work paint with light. Light is staple to be is in each photograph, without is light hence photography will never exist. Light stem to two source, that is natural light (the sun, moon, star, lava, etc) and artificial light (candle, flash light, torch, bonfire, neon, blitz, studio lamp, etc). Deftness and creativity master this light differentiate the masterpiece each photographer. Light can be perceived from his direction, that is light beside, next light, light behind, light to the, and light behind. Each this light direction have the function and beauty of itself. Light is even also have the important character that is hard light (hard-light) and soft light (soft-light). Both have to be used correctly according to photograph concept.

The light yielded by lamp blitz called the flash light, only taking place in second calculation, whereas the light stemming from the sun, neon lamp take place continuous or called the continued light.

Moving Effect

Move or motions have the function and beauty of itself also. There is tardy movement (show action), there is the movement follows the object (panning), and is also the whisk freeze the object (stop action). Each this motion relate to the speed facility at each camera. Unhappily at instantiate camera, speed of camera cannot be arranged manually.

Focus and Sharp Space

Focuses settings of each photography job/activity are very determine. Because by specifying the focus will seen what do became the talking point in a photo. Arrangement of focus could organized manually or auto. Needed to pay attention in giving impression of deepness at our photo also have to can exploit the foreground and background as supporter a photo object. Sometimes a photo will see very attractive because the photo has the blurred background and foreground.

This Keen Space is recognized with Narrow Sharp Space (only especial object which is focus) and Large Sharp Space (all areas seen sharply).

Besides above things there are some the something else support the appearance a photo that is composition as well as texture. Composition supports the expression and beauty of forms formation in a photo, whereas texture can make the photo come up dramatic or seen beautiful and softer.

4. Basic Technique Photo Editing

Digital Photo now too much debates that happened between analogous cameras with digital camera. There is which of opinion that more super analogous camera and there is also which of opinion that more miraculous digital camera. Which is correct? Analogous camera or digital camera in principle is same, both true only eye appliance. What do differentiated it is way and practical its use. Principle of shoot same also, both of the same lens, diaphragm, speed, flash lamp, etc.

If conventional photo have to be processed the film first and printed in a darkroom, hence digital photo don't need the sultry darkroom and full of aroma drug chemistry. Digital photo can process in bold room that is by using software in a computer. There is a lot of software used occasionally for the processing of digital photo is Adobe Photoshop (Version 7,7, or CS-1,CS-2, CS-3). Use Adobe Photoshop we can edit the photo as according to willingness and ability we. Usually done expurgation especially at addition of light contrast, color contrast, burning and dodging at selected parts of so that visible photo more have dimension. That there is ability to change face artists with others body have outside area editing digital photo. In fact that computer can replace the darkroom to the manner born, is not to do the abundant manipulation.